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ABOUT The chef's table



Executive Chef Flavien Trichery was born in Chartres, France. As a teenager, Flavien studied culinary arts at "Magenta Culinary School" and successfully graduated at 17. His exceptional talents were im­mediately recognized and he found employment at the most famous restaurant in Paris, 'Tour d'Argent' and worked under Chef Bouchery.

When Flavien joined the army, he served the highest ranked general as a private chef. The experience opened the door for him to provide all aspects of preparing for both private and official dinners, that hosted various government representatives.

In 1990, Flavien arrived in the United States and received an invitation to join David Bouley's culinary team in the most well-known four-star restaurant in New York City. Since then Flavien has worked at the New York Athletic Club and The Cosmopolitan Club, where he conquered a new challenge of fine dining and high-volume operations. Flavien also managed all food operations at Citifield Stadium, the home of the NY Mets, with over 500 employees under his supervision. In 2011, Flavien joined North Jer­sey Country Club where he was asked to bring the club's food quality to the next level.

With this outstanding background, Flavien took over the French restaurant 'The Chef's Table' in Franklin Lakes, New Jersey.

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